Navy does more business with Oto Melera


The South African Navy has placed a R628 996,42 order with Oto Melara SpA of La Spezia, Italy, for the procurement of more 76/62mm Oto melara gun mounting spares. The contract, last Thursday follows similar orders in June this year, September last year and June 2007.

In addition, the Armscor Bulletin System shows an award of R1 974 915,76 for “expertise” related to the gun and a training course.

The Navy operates a small number of 76mm Oto Melera 76mm/62 Super Rapid medium calibre automatic cannon on its Valour-class frigate and Warrior-class offshore patrol vessels. The gun system has been in service with the Navy since about 1977 when around 17 were acquired via Israel as part of projects Japonica and Coupé to arm the Minister (later Warrior-class) fast attack craft.

Four weapons were reconditioned in 2005 and fitted to the Project Sitron Valour-class frigates as a cost-saving measure. Others remain in service board the Warrior-class, now designated offshore patrol vessels (OPV), and will likely be transferred to the Project Biro OPVs when acquired. The weapon can effectively hurl a 6kg projectile up to 8000m at a rate of up to 120 rounds per minute (although the maximum range is said to be 18 400m at 45 degrees).

The Oto Melara 76mm gun range is a widely used family of naval artillery in service with over 50 navies and coast guards. Capable of very high rates of fire, the dual-purpose gun can engage both surface and air targets. Its compact mount allows its installation on relatively small vessels, including patrol craft.

Procurement of 76/62 mm Oto Melara gun mounting spares for maintenance tasks.

ETMG/2011/12 28 Jul 2011 R628 996,42 Oto Melara SpA

Expertise and training course for 76/62 mm naval compact gun

ESCW/2010/347 14 Jul 2011 R1 974 915,76 Finmeccanica SpA t/a Alenia Difesa (Otobreda Division)

Procurement of 76/62mm Oto melara gun mounting spares

ESCW/2010/425 15 Jun 2011 R971 546,38 Oto Melara SpA

Procurement of 76/62 mm Oto Melara gun mounting spares

ESCW/2009/40 30 Sep 2010 R1 311 196,20 Oto Melara SpA

Maintenance and support services for Naval Guns for the SA Navy

ETMG/2009/470 22 Sep 2010 R9 999 533,00 Denel (Pty) Ltd t/a Denel Land Systems

SA Navy 76 mm muzzle velocity Radar system support

ERES/2010/14 22 Sep 2010 R2 304 622,00 EDH (SA) (Pty) Ltd P O Box 747
76/62 mm compact gun spares

ETMG/2006/531 7 Jun 2007 R116 863,51 Oto Melara SpA