Nautic Africa launches Nautic Maritime Training Academy


Nautic Africa has announced that it has launched its South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) accredited training academy, which offers theoretical and practical training in all aspects of vessel operation and maintenance.

Nautic announced this week that the Nautic Maritime Training Academy (NMTA) recently received SAMSA accreditation for a number of their courses relating to Certificates of Competences for skippers under a variety of conditions and can now offer SAMSA approved tickets from Day Skipper level upwards.

These include documents for skippers of deep sea skiboats, rubberducks ( RHIBS/Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats) and other small craft under nine metres and up to 25 tons. Further accreditation for the training of day skippers for category R, E, C, B vessels over nine metres as well as coastal skipper’s tickets for operations up to 40 nautical miles offshore was awarded. The latter applies to vessels over nine metres but less than 100 tons.

Crew training includes theory and practical modules addressing all areas of vessel operation and maintenance training including safety procedures, vessel handling, capabilities and limitations as well as on-board maintenance.
“We know that the ocean demands a high level of competence and our dedication and expert training aims to ensure that crew achieve the highest standards,” said Neil de Villiers, who heads up the Academy and also conducts the over nine metre examination and practical assessments. He is joined by Ian Alison who has been appointed as the under nine metre examiner.

Classes are undertaken at the Nautic Africa premises in Paarden Eiland with exams and practicals scheduled every two to three weeks or as the demand arises.