Muzzle loader to fire for first time in 108 years


The Cannon Association of South Africa (CAOSA) will fire a nine inch (300mm) wrought iron Rifled Muzzle-Loading (RML) Gun for the first time in 108 years on Wednesday at Middle North Battery in Simon’s Town. The gun will be fired by at 11am.

The South African Navy in a statement says the firing will be a proof exercise, as the gun will again be fired during the Navy Birthday Festival April 1-3.

The gun was manufactured by the Royal Gun Factory at Woolwich, London, in 1865 and was last fired on April 27, 1903. It was struck off charge on September 19, 1906. The weapon was mounted in its present emplacement in 1896 and is a permanent fixture at Middle North Battery.

The Navy says motorists and the public are warned of loud noise from this cannon firing. Traffic will be stopped in the main road at Lower North Battery from 10:56 to 11:02 on 16 Mar 2011, as a precaution only. The public is invited to view the firing.