Moroccan Navy receives tank landing craft from France


The Royal Moroccan Navy has received a 50 metre long Landing Craft Tank (LCT) from French shipyard Piriou after ordering it last year.

It was handed over on 25 July and will leave Concarneau in France by month-end for its home base in Agadir. The vessel, Sidi Ifni, will be accompanied by the OPV 70 Bir Anzarane.

Training of the vessel’s 22 crew members took place in the first two weeks of this month in France and was included in the contract.

Vincent Faujour, Piriou Group General Manager, said “This contract with the Moroccan Royal Navy was a first step in Morocco. This successful partnership is presently going on with the overhaul of the OPV Rais Bargach as well as the order for a second vessel – a BHO2M. This is the confirmation of our capacity to export our know-how and civil and military products thanks to our subsidiary Kership.”

The 50 metre LCT is based on a proven civilian version that has been manufactured by Piriou. The vessel is designed to transport vehicles, cargo, water and fuel, and is fitted with two handling cranes and a bow ramp allowing loading or unloading on beaches or on docks. The deck cargo surface amounts to 200 square metres.

The 300 ton vessel is specifically designed to produce and to store fresh water (up to 100 cubic metres a day) thanks to her capability to embark a reverse osmosis system and flexible tanks on deck. Fresh water capacity is 35 cubic metres while 70 cubic metres can be held in the flexible tanks. Fuel capacity is 42 cubic metres.

Two 492 kW engines give the LCT a speed of 10 knots and range of 1 500 nautical miles. Endurance is seven days with 22 crew members on board.

Pirious in June received a contract for a 72 metre oceanographic vessel for Morocco, based on the French Navy’s B2M model. The Batiment Hydro-Océanographique Multi-Mission (BHO2M) class has a top speed of around 15 knots and endurance of 30 days. Several small boats can be carried on board, including an 8 metre workboat, as well as two vehicles. The 2 300 tonne vessels have a crew of 20 and can be armed with two 12.7 mm machine guns. Morocco’s vessel will be delivered in mid-2018.

They are designed to be able to conduct maritime surveillance, force projection, logistics, counter-trafficking and humanitarian assistance missions.

Piriou is also carrying out maintenance on the 64 metre Moroccan patrol boat Rais Bargach, which is one of five built between 1995 and 1997 for the Royal Moroccan Navy.