Moroccan Navy orders 50 metre landing craft


The Royal Moroccan Navy has ordered a single 50 metre landing craft from French shipyard Piriou, which will deliver the vessel in mid-2016.

Making the announcement last week, Piriou said the Landing Craft Tank (LCT) will be operated in Moroccan coastal waters and will be built in France.

The contract also includes training in Concarneau so the crew can become familiar with both vessel operation and maintenance.

Pascal Piriou, CEO of the group, said that, “This first contract with the Royal Moroccan Navy is not only a great honour but also the confirmation of our breakthrough in the field of defence and State Action at Sea. It is especially a first step in Morocco, a country where our expertise and our civilian and military products will find, I hope, opportunities.”

The 50 metre LCT is based on a proven civilian version that has been manufactured by Piriou. The vessel is designed to transport vehicles, cargo, water and fuel, and is fitted with two handling cranes and a bow ramp allowing loading or unloading on beaches or on docks. The deck cargo surface amounts to 200 square metres.

The 300 ton vessel is specifically designed to produce and to store fresh water thanks to her capability to embark a reverse osmosis system and flexible tanks on deck. Fresh water capacity is 35 cubic metres while 70 cubic metres can be held in the flexible tanks. Fuel capacity is 42 cubic metres.

Two 492 kW engines give the LCT a speed of 10 knots. Crew complement is 22.

The Moroccan order marks another contract from Africa for Piriou, after Gabon ordered a second hand P400 patrol vessel and a new 58 metre OPV50 on 29 October 2014.