Milkor announces a new patrol craft at the World Defence Show


During the World Defence Show in Saudi Arabia this week Milkor has revealed the latest addition to its naval portfolio, the 16 metre long Milkor Commander patrol craft, designed for maritime security, coast guard, and law enforcement duties.

The Commander features a hydrodynamic hull design optimised for what Milkor said are the unique requirements of coastal security and law enforcement operations. The vessel will be built for high speed (45 knots) and long range (500 nautical miles at 35 knots) operations – it is designed to swiftly reach mission areas and ensure a safe return.

“This vessel offers ample deck space and impressive payload capacity, making it adaptable to a diverse range of roles,” according to Milkor. The aft deck can support 1.5 tons and the roof 400 kg, while there is capacity for up to ten personnel.

Waterjet propulsion gives what Milkor said is “superior manoeuvrability and exceptional high-speed cruise performance. With a low transom and outstanding forward visibility, docking alongside any target becomes a seamless task. Furthermore, the Milkor Commander demonstrates excellent seakeeping abilities, enabling it to operate effectively even in up to 4 metre swells.”

James Cottrell, Head of Marine Projects at Milkor UAE, stated, “The vessel has an effective role in ensuring absolute maritime security with its rapid deployment capability and minimal crew requirement. The Commander’s protection level reaches up to Ballistic level B6, thanks to bulletproof glass and spall lining addons, ensuring enhanced safety for the crew. We have a commitment to reliability, safety, and mission effectiveness, asserting that the Milkor Commander reflects these core values.”

Development of the vessel was spurred on by the rise in piracy, human trafficking and smuggling of contraband along the coastlines of Africa and the Middle East; the vessel will be able to carry out maritime patrols, high-speed interceptions, infrastructure monitoring, inspection, surveillance, and search and rescue missions, amongst others.

“The need for high-speed naval response capabilities have increasingly become a focus point for many countries. Milkor has taken notice of these challenges and continued to focus their development of naval defence solutions towards combating these immediate threats. With a rapid growing capability in developing and supporting naval vessels, Milkor boasts an in-house capacity to develop and manufacture vessels up to 30 metres in length,” the company explained.

During the official announcement at the World Defence Show 2024, Milkor teased that more of the Commander’s capabilities will be showcased during IDEX 2025.

In addition to the new Commander, Milkor offers its 12 metre long Inshore Patrol Craft (IPC), which uses a hydrofoil supported catamaran design to reach high cruising speeds. The IPC has the ability to switch between manned and unmanned operation. The vessel can be armed with two lightweight torpedoes and a remote weapon station.

Trials of the IPC have concluded successfully (the vessel has also been demonstrated in the United Arab Emirates), and the company is currently engaged in procurement discussions with an undisclosed Middle Eastern country.