Med-Eng introduces ‘Avenger’ robot to assist bomb technicians, military EOD teams to defeat terrorist threats


The bomb disposal and tactical robot will assist bomb technicians and military EOD teams in managing ongoing and emerging terrorist threats. [Local rep: ECM Technologies]

Med-Eng has announced the launch of the Avenger Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) at the 2017 SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show, in Las Vegas.

This bomb disposal and tactical robot has been engineered to provide police and military response teams with enhanced capabilities to manage ongoing and emerging threats posed by terrorists, particularly in urban environments where vehicle-born improvised explosive devices (VBIEDS or ‘car bombs’) are of concern.

The Avenger is a mid-sized ROV with most of the operational capabilities typically found only in much larger and more expensive robots. Its performance-to-size ratio is outstanding and reflects the advanced electro-mechanical engineering that guided its development. The Avenger’s highly dexterous arm and claw can easily reach inside, above and below cars, pick-up trucks and delivery vans, to remotely investigate suspicious devices, such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The system includes an on-board computer that fuses data from multiple chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) sensors and cameras, and relays it to a command post. This integrated sensor suite provides a mission-critical tool for managing CBRNE and Hazmat threats, such as a terrorist’s ‘dirty bomb’, and mitigating risks to the surrounding public. The numerous sensor ports are compatible with many specialised sensors that bomb squads already have, so they can make use of their existing equipment and attach new tools in the future.

Rob Reynolds, GM of Med-Eng, described the Avenger as “a robot platform that has real potential to change the landscape of the mid-sized ROV market for the betterment of end-users”.

He elaborated: “The Avenger combines the mobility and ease of deployment advantages of a mid-sized robot with the reach, lift and sensor-fusion capabilities of bigger platforms. We have been extremely impressed by its performance, technology integration and reliability, and firmly believe it will be readily embraced by bomb squads and EOD teams worldwide looking for a highly effective and affordable robot in a smaller size.”

The Avenger complements the existing offering of ROVs from Med-Eng, namely the Digital Vanguard – a smaller, lighter but very rugged robot capable of performing a range of counter-IED missions; and the Defender – a large and very strong robot that can be deployed to deal with a variety of EOD/IEDD tasks.

The Digital Vanguard is extensively used in SA and is in current service with both the SANDF and the SAPS.

Med-Eng and the entire Safariland Group are exclusively represented in SA by ECM Technologies, of Pretoria, which has a fully accredited service centre, staffed by factory trained technicians, to support these ROVs and other products in SA.