Libya receives first of six patrol boats

Italy has given Libya three patrol boats as part of a deal aimed at combating the flow of illegal migrants making the crossing to Italy.
The agreement between Tripoli and Rome to maintain joint naval patrols in the Mediterranean was signed earlier this month and comes into force on Friday, the BBC reports.
Libya has been a major staging post for migrants from Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa wanting to reach Europe, the broadcaster adds. 
Nearly 37 000 immigrants landed on Italian shores last year.
At a ceremony in the Italian port of Gaeta yesterday Interior Minister Roberto Maroni presented Libya with three patrol boats with which to monitor its 1770km Mediterranean coastline.
An additional three boats will be handed over to Tripoli in the coming weeks.
The vessels will take part in joint patrols with the Italian navy from today.
The BBC’s Rana Jawad in the Libyan capital says that for Italian officials the handover was a cause for celebration, marking the implementation of an accord it recently signed with Libya which seeks to limit illegal immigration.
Last week, the Italy transferred more than 200 stranded migrants to Tripoli after the Libyan government agreed to their immediate return.
Maroni said the move marked a “turning point”, but the UN’s refugee agency and the Vatican both said the policy breached international law and risked turning back legitimate asylum seekers.
Libya has no functioning asylum system and is not a party to the 1951 UN convention relating to the status of refugees.
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi sparked further controversy when he defended the decision by saying he did not want to see a “multi-ethnic” Italy, but welcomed “only those who meet the conditions for political asylum”.
Correspondents say many Italians believe their country is being left on its own by the EU to deal with the problem of illegal immigration and are ready to support stricter measures to control the flow.