Le Malin in Durban


As part of a routine port call, Le Malin is in Durban today (Friday) from Port des Galets on Reunion Island in the framework of its patrol in the French Southern and Antarctic Territories under the command of Lieutenant François Junique.

To mark the visit, vice -consul general of France in Johannesburg, Brice Sardain, hosted an event on board Le Malin.

Based in La Réunion, a French Indian Ocean territory, Le Malin has an overall length of just on 50m m and beam of 10,7 m, displacing 1 300t. The crew consists of four officers, 14 petty officers and seven crewmen according to the French Embassy.

Formerly a long-liner built in Gdansk by a Norwegian shipyard in 1997, Le Malin was seized by the French Navy in 2004 for illegal fishery. Due to her good condition and potential, including large storage capacity and suitable crew accommodation, Le Malin was acquired by the French Navy in November 2005.

Refitted in Toulon in 2006, she was operated as a support ship for divers and commandos and then served as an auxiliary support vessel dedicated to State action at sea. From September 2010 to August 2011, she was overhauled to become a public service patroller in the Piriou shipyard in Concarneau.

Since October 2011, Le Malin has operated from La Réunion. She performs maritime safeguarding, State action at sea and public service missions, in the southern area of the Indian Ocean. Le Malin belongs to the French Ministry of the Armed Forces and the armed forces in the South Indian Ocean (FAZSOI). FAZSOI’s mission is to protect national territory and strategic facilities, and to contribute to the maintenance of security.