KND seeking market for new multi purpose vessel


Specialist Cape boatbuilder KND says its new 20m re-configurable modular multi-purpose vessel is ideal for the African market.

KND naval architect Kobus Potgieter says the Fast Multi Purpose (FMP20) vessel is designed to meet the austere conditions of Africa as well as the severe sea conditions off its coasts. The vessel can serve as a patrol boat or perform fire and rescue, pollution control, crew transfer/troop carrier, ambulance or supply missions on rivers, swamps, lakes or littoral seas up to 100 nautical miles offshore.
“The FMP20’s trump card is its unique ability to be transformed within hours from one specialised application to another,” says Potgieter. “Modular units can be outfitted to suit the needs of the end-user precisely. The FMP20’s ability to transform in this manner means that this single flexible vessel can replace various single task vessels.
“The ability of this craft to remain in use while a module is being serviced combined with high speed and the capacity to transport standard 20ft containers or smaller boats make the craft even more attractive. This is a substantial saving in capital outlay and maintenance.”

Potgieter founded KND in 1984 with the “prime focus was to become a world-class naval research and development facility, both locally and internationally.”