Kenyan Navy receives KNS Shujaa after refit


The Kenyan Navy has taken delivery of the refurbished vessel Shujaa after it spent 21 months undergoing a midlife refit at Damen Shipyards in the Netherlands.

The Kenya Ministry of Defence said the vessel arrived home on 3 July and was received by Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Defence Raychelle Omamo in Mombasa.

Photographs show it had its 76 mm main gun removed – this may be reinstalled now that the vessels is back in Kenya.

As part of its journey home, the KNS Shujaa (Hero) docked in Port Said in Egypt on 12 June. The Kenyan Ministry of Defence said the KNS Shujaa, captained by Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Lekolool, has a crew of 61 sailors that had been at sea since 21 May.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has facilitated the practical tours and training programme of our defence forces, as part of strengthening Kenya’s security in general, and maritime capabilities in particular,” the ministry said.

KNS Shujaa was part of the Kenyan fleet that took over Kismayu from the Al shabab in September 2012 along with the KNS Nyayo, KNS Umoja, KNS Galana and the KNS Jasiri, which landed troops in the town.

The vessel is one of two Shupavu class large patrol boats built by Gondan shipyard in Spain – the sister ship is the KNS Shupavu. They were acquired in 1997 to replace older vessels and are armed with 76 and 30 mm guns.

In 2001 Kenya sent the Shujaa to India to take part in its International Fleet Review along with the KNS Nyayo.