Joint military exercise underway in Red Sea


Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Djibouti, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen are participating in the maritime Exercise Red Wave-1 in the territorial waters of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea.

The Egyptian Ministry of Defence (MoD) on 1 January said the exercise will last for several days in Saudi Arabia. Manoeuvres began on 30 December and are scheduled to wrap up on 4 January.

“The preparatory phase of the training includes several conferences and lectures on ways of involving the forces and naval units in the stages of maritime planning to achieve understanding and integration between the elements and the participating forces,” the Egyptian MoD said.

The training includes implementing several activities, including the participation of some elements in the planning and the management of joint naval combat work to improve the skills of commanders and officers and to exchange experiences.

“This exercise, which will be implemented by the Saudi naval forces, is one of the most significant, as it aims to enhance maritime security for the countries bordering the Red Sea, protect territorial waters, strengthen military cooperation and exchange combat experience between participants,” said Gen. Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Ghufaili, commander of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces.