Irini Mediterranean inspections top the two thousand mark


Operation Irini, the EU tasking enforcing a UN arms embargo on Libya, investigated over 2 000 vessels in its first 11 months on the Mediterranean Sea.

The latest addition to the number of vessels boarded and inspected is the Antigua and Barbuda-flagged vessel BF Esperanza. She was boarded in international waters last week after leaving Port Said in Egypt bound for Benghazi.

A statement has it the boarding team from the HS Aegean, the current Op Irini flagship, checked documentation and cargo. Nothing suspicious was found and the vessel was allowed to proceed.

The EU tasking is in terms of applying UN Security Council resolutions putting an arms embargo on strife-torn Libya.

While more than two thousand vessels have come under the spotlight of Irini, by far the majority have been friendly approaches with eight inspections done and a one vessel diverted.