Inkunzi PAW – the bull – redefining the idea of ‘fighting light’


Denel PMP introduced the Inkunzi PAW, a semi-automatic weapon that can destroy high-value targets up to a range of 1 000 metres.

Denel PMP has successfully introduced the Inkunzi PAW, a semi-automatic weapon that can destroy selected high-value targets up to a range of 1 000 metres, to the global military market.

The Inkunzi – “bull” is the latest version of the personal area weapon (PAW) platform initially designed by Neopup Marketing and manufactured entirely in South Africa by Denel PMP.

Denel PMP completed the industrialisation of the weapon and has concluded supply contracts to two international client countries. The demand for this weapon system has been growing steadily over the last year. The Inkunzi was on display at the Denel stand during AAD 2016, Africa’s largest defence and aerospace exhibition hosted at the Air Force Base Waterkloof.

Phaladi Petje, CEO of Denel PMP, says the Inkunzi PAW was designed with the needs of the 21st century combat soldier in mind. It can be carried and fired by a single soldier and its unique design reduces the recoil of the weapon.

“It will be the weapon of choice for dismounted soldiers engaged in virtually all types of ground warfare. The weapon is suitable for use in jungle, desert, rural or urban warfare, and can thus be a real force multiplier to commanders across the full scope of any battlefield,” says Petje.

The semi-automatic weapon fires grenades and 20mm bursting ammunition from a conventional box magazine holding five rounds. It is at its most effective in the 400 metre range, but remains accurate over distances of up to 1 000 metres.

Petje says the Inkunzi can be effectively used against high-value targets such as light-armoured vehicles, thin-skinned transport and machine-gun nests. Because of its accuracy, it can be used in an urban environment or inside enemy positions. Its effectiveness is not reduced at longer ranges because the effect of the bursting ammunition remains the same.