Holland Shipyards selects ShipConstructor


ShipConstructor is AutoCAD-based and contains essential features for the company’s architects.

Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Netherlands, 12 February 2015 – Holland Shipyards has selected SSI’s ShipConstructor software for its new shipbuilding activities. The company’s decision is based on the multiple advantages ShipConstructor offers in comparison with other ship construction programmes.

Holland Shipyard undertakes new building, repair and conversion of small and medium-sized vessels. High efficiency and high productivity are the keystones to the company’s business and these principles guide its decisions.

Florian den Besten, naval architect with Holland Shipyards, explained his company’s thinking when purchasing new CAD/CAM software: “First of all, the system is user-friendly as ShipConstructor is AutoCAD-based and contains all features needed by our architects. Secondly, the architects appreciate the ease of making 2D drawings with the MarineDrafting application of the ShipConstructor Hull Structure Premium Suite. The 2D drawings are used for workshop and classification drawings. The simplification of the technical drawings, by using appropriate symbols, makes them clear and readable. Additionally, the related 3D visualisation tool, Autodesk Navisworks, makes the documents easily accessible by anyone throughout the company. The automatic nesting and collision checks are also very handy.”

Overall, the abilities provided by ShipConstructor and its attractive price made Holland Shipyards decide to pick ShipConstructor as the main tool in its ship-designing operations. During the evaluation process, they were guided by SSI’s dealer in the Benelux region, CADMatch.

CADMatch is Holland Shipyards’ trusted advisor when it comes to its CAD applications. Holland Shipyards is using both Autodesk Product Design Suites and Factory Design Suites. ShipConstructor, in combination with these Autodesk suites, covers the many disciplines and challenges of modern shipbuilding. From concept design, through detail CAD/CAM engineering, all the way to high quality visualisations for marketing, it’s all available. CADMatch assists Holland Shipyards with proper workflows, training and support to make full use of this extremely powerful and extensive combination.