High-stress technical springs


The company’s spring technology can be found in the fields of defence and weapon technology, as well as in machine tool construction.

Atlantis was recently awarded the South African agency for innovative German company RÖHRS to market its full range of spring products. The move was part of the company’s strategy for expansion into global markets.

Since 1919, RÖHRS has been supplying highly stressed technical springs to clients expecting high dynamic stresses, consistent static load under temperature or reliable corrosion resistance.

The company’s spring technology can be found in the fields of defence and weapon technology as well as in machine tool construction, tool clamping technology, aeronautics, automotive and medical technology.

Multi-wire springs

RÖHRS multi-wire springs are designed in accordance with specific requirements and are used as compression, torsion, tension and form springs in cases where single-wire springs made of round, flat or square wire could fail due to high dynamic frequencies and high-impulse stresses, or could not guarantee the operational safety.

Major advantages include:

* Absorption of high impact velocities and peak loads;
* Absorption of high dynamic frequencies;
* Excellent damping features;
* Optimisation of damping and gliding features plus durability by means of optimal thermoplastic coating;
* Optimum use of material in the cross-section of the wire by converting torsion into tensile stresses;
* High operational safety since the spring is virtually unaffected by breakages within the strand;
* High deflections possible, even using smaller outer diameters; and
* Flat spring characteristic, increasing progressively when close to solid length.

Other RÖHRS products include:

* Schraubentellerfeder spring assemblies
* Compression springs
* Tension springs
* Torsion springs
* Spring combinations

Atlantis is available for technical advice pertaining to design and applications of spring technology and will work in conjunction with RÖHRS to find solutions for unusual specifications. The process does not only stop at the level of the individual spring; more than that RÖHRS can develop and produce systems applications which range from entire assembly groups up to components for a complete construction.

For more information, contact Callie Smit on 062 199 0852 or [email protected] for more detailed information.