Ghana and Ivory Coast act om maritime border dispute


Ghana and Ivory Coast have set up a body to implement an international tribunal ruling on their dispute over a border running through multi-billion dollar offshore oilfields, the countries said in a statement.

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea last month drew an ocean boundary seemingly favouring Ghana in a dispute with its neighbour Ivory Coast, ruling Accra had not violated Ivorian rights in drilling for oil.
“Following last month’s ruling, the two leaders have agreed to work together and this has culminated in setting up of a joint commission to implement the ruling,” Ghanaian foreign minister Shirley Botchwey said, reading a joint communique.

The decade-old row between the West African neighbours put the brakes on the development of Ghana’s $6 billion offshore TEN field, run by Tullow Oil, one project in the contested area of the Atlantic.

The court ruling did not correspond with either Ghana or Ivory Coast’s claim, but appeared closer to Ghana‘s and rejected the former’s attempt to halt development.