German frigate Hessen into action in Red Sea, shoots down drones


The German Navy frigate Hessen, which has joined the EU naval mission named Aspides (meaning shield) to help protect and secure merchant shipping wanting to cross the lower Red Sea, has quickly entered the action by shooting down several drones launched by the Houthi militia in Yemen.

According to a report from the German operations command, Hessen intercepted and shot down two drones in quick succession on Tuesday night.

It is not reported who or what the drones were targeting but no injuries or damage to shipping has been reported.

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) has confirmed in a statement that in a 15 minute period on Tuesday night “US aircraft and a coalition warship” shot down five Houthi one-way attack drones over the Red Sea.

The drones were identified as originating from Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen. CENTCOM said the UAVs presented “an imminent threat to merchant vessels and to the US Navy and coalition ships in the region.”

According to a Houthi leader, speaking in a televised address, the Yemeni militia has attacked 48 ships in the Red Sea zone and was escalating their attacks.

In a separate report, the UK-owned merchant ship Rubymar is sinking in the Gulf of Aden, after being struck in the engine room by a Houthi-fired missile.

The crew, which was unharmed, abandoned the ship, which is carrying fertiliser, and were later picked up and taken to safety. Rubymar was bound for Morocco when attacked.

Written by Africa Ports & Ships and republished with permission. The original article can be found here.