Explosives education and research in the spotlight


The 1st International Conference on Explosives Education and Research in Africa takes place on 16 and 17 November in Johannesburg.

The School of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at the North-West University, in collaboration with Eagle Explosives Management Systems, is pleased to announce the 1st International Conference on Explosives Education and Research in Africa (EERA 2015), which is taking place from 16-17 November 2015, at the Indaba Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The theme of this event is: “Closing the Gap in Explosives Education and the Explosives Education and Research Needs of the Explosives Industry”. The aim of the conference is to evaluate the progress in explosives research and education into explosives technologies globally, and to address the future needs to develop explosives professionals worldwide.

The different application fields in explosives (mining, commercial, military and private – fireworks/pyrotechnicians) require specific solutions with tailored education systems. The 1st International Conference on Explosives Education & Research should give an overview on the state of the art of explosives education, training and development technologies, should introduce new technical approaches and should discuss R&D future needs as well as standardisation issues, thus making clear the steps that are necessary and feasible to close any capability gaps in the field of explosives education.

The conference categories are:

* Explosives training providers and their offering;
* Explosives companies, manufacturers, users, and their training needs; and
* The international focus on explosives research and trends in the R&D of Explosives.

The final conference programme will be confirmed shortly, but some of the confirmed speakers include:

* Czech Republic – Prof Zeman: New Trents in Research of Energenic Materials
* Carsten Wächter: Concepts on enhancing safety culture in the explosives industry
* CSIR – Frikkie Mostert: Challenges in Explosives and Explosives Application Research
* North-West University – Joe-Nimique Cilliers: The NWU role in Education and Research
* Eagle Explosives – Gert Barnard: South Africa’s needs
* University of Pretoria – Wolter de Graaf & Prof William Spiteri: The Application of Immersive Virtual Reality Capabilities to support Education and Training in Blasting Engineering
* Ecopartners – Charlene Baartjes
* RDM – Andre Conradie
* AEL – Henco Bezuidenhout 

Potential delegates and exhibitors are encouraged to register as soon as possible as limited space is available. Conference attendees can look forward to a cocktail function on the evening of 16 November at the venue.