Ex-SA Navy minesweeper sinks in Durban harbour


A former SA Navy wooden-hulled minesweeper partially sank in Durban harbour earlier this week.

Sixty-year-old SAS Durban was handed to the port museum 32 years ago in May 1988 after decommissioning three years earlier. The former Ton Class platform was a popular floating exhibit at the busy east coast port.

Transnet National Ports Authority, which manages all facilities at the Port of Durban, confirmed the partial sinking of the SAS Durban, which carried the pennant number M1499 while in service.

“She’s understood to have taken on water overnight and sunk partially in shallow water with nobody aboard.  EThekwini Metro engaged the services of a diving company to investigate the cause and to try to right the vessel. There are no concerns about pollution as the vessel was dry and clean without any oil aboard,” the National Ports Authority said.

According to Durban’s Daily News the partial sinking happened “just months” after the minesweeper underwent refurbishment at the Sandock Austral Shipyard, formerly SA Shipyards.