Ex Oxide wraps up


The joint Franco/South African naval exercise Oxide off La Reunion has finished with both training and live exercise phases going according to schedule.

During the training phase members of the South African and French Military Forces conducted cross training to test inter-operability to establish combat readiness according to the SA Navy website. The preparatory phase set the task force up to expedite and implement any actions need to ensure a smooth live exercise phase.

This was scenario based with SAS Amatola (F145) ambushing the “Bougainville”, the fictitious name given to FS Champlain. This ship was being used by the SEGA cartel to traffic drugs via the Indian Ocean. Maritime Reaction Squadron (MRS) members boarded the ship where cartel members were arrested and confiscated illegal drugs. The FAZSOI (French Armées de la Zone Sud de l’Océan Indien) 2nd Parachute Regiment later attacked cartel main HQ situated ashore.

Overall the live exercise phase was successful and concluded with a demonstration for VIP members including the French Ambassador and the SANDF and FAZSOI Exercise Directors.

Good relations between South Africa and France were strengthened by the exercise and the level of teamwork between the two countries was improved, the SA Navy said.

Experience gained was invaluable for SANDF and FAZSOI members. Each force was placed so they they could benchmark off the other to ensure success in the mission area.

The next iteration of Exercise Oxide is scheduled to take place in 2020. No date of venue has yet been announced.

Picture: Petty Officer S O’Connor.