European Union Naval Force trains Djibouti coast guard


Members of the Djiboutian coast guard have received training aboard the Spanish warship Infanta Elena, which is currently operating off the Horn of Africa as part of the European Union Naval Force.

After a visit of the ship and particularly the operational room and presentation of the sensors and weapons, the Djiboutian coast guard members were briefed on the measures to be implemented when under pirate attack, as well as preventative Best Management Practices for merchant vessels.

The coast guards will therefore be able to inform in turn the merchant vessels cruising off or in Djibouti, and thus participate in the fight against piracy, the EU Navfor said.

The Djibouti navy sailors were mainly briefed on Mercury, an Internet-based secured network used as an alert and coordination by all the anti-piracy stakeholders, civilian and military. This training is paramount for them in view of the Djiboutian Navy operational centre, which will be inaugurated soon.

A coordinated planning of all the training sessions in regional countries has been established, under the supervision of Force Headquarters on board FS Marne, and is implemented by all EU Naval Force ships when visiting ports in the area of operation. This is part of the European Union’s comprehensive approach on the fight against piracy and particularly of EU Naval Force’s will to participate actively in the maritime capacity building process of regional navies and coast guards, the Naval Force said.

EU Navfor conducts counter-piracy in the Indian Ocean and is responsible for the protection of World Food Program ships carrying humanitarian aid for the people of Somalia and the logistic support vessels of the African Union troops conducting Peace Support Operations in Somalia. Additionally, EU Navfor monitors fishing activity off the coast of Somalia.