EU training for Libyan coastguard


A further module has been added to the training provided by EU NavFor Med’s Operation Sophia for the Libyan coastguard.

The training package, module two, is for deck officers and what the EU terms “a maintainer course”. It is currently underway with 69 Libyan coastguard members at the Italian Navy Training Centre La Maddalena.

The eight week course provides trained in relation to general activity aboard an offshore patrol vessel and focuses on human rights, basic first aid, gender policy and Basic English.

When the current course is complete Operations Sophia will reach the number of 305 Libyan coastguard trainees set. This, a statement from Operation Sophia said would not be the end of the EU’s involvement in training for this operation with further training envisaged in Croatia and other EU states.

Since October 2016 Operation Sophia has been training Libyan coastguard and naval personnel. The aim is to improve security in Libyan territorial waters and allow the Libyan maritime forces to properly perform and execute their duties.
“At all time there must be a strong focus on respect for human rights, including that of minors and women, as well as proper handling if migrants during search and rescue activities to save as many lives as possible,” an Operation Sophia statement said.