ELW Global commissions mobile water purification plants in Cameroon; receives Senegalese order


The company will supply water purification trailers to the Senegalese Army, after recently delivering the ROWPU 2K systems for Cameroon’s Rapid Response Brigade.
ELW Global has recently signed a long-term firm fixed price agreement for the supply of a large number of water purification trailers to the Senegalese Army, covering the next three years. This contracting agreement allows the army to plan its budget requirements over this period and guarantees it continuity of supply while streamlining training, spares and maintenance.

ELW Global is negotiating similar fixed price contracts with the defence forces of other countries in Africa.

ELW Global recently delivered and commissioned ROWPU 2K water purification systems for Cameroon’s Rapid Response Brigade (BIR).

Recently, ELW Global launched its 2016 model, which includes the latest technological advances developed by ELW Global. These advances consolidate ELW Global’s position as a leading supplier of water purification trailers, making it ideal for off-road and remote use.
Day 2 of the training on the ROWPU 2KThe flagship ROWPU 2K (Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit), is a trailer mounted water purification system, which, when utilising the reverse osmosis process, produces a minimum of 2 000 lph (litres per hour) of potable water, and 5 000 lph of WHO standard safe drinking water if reverse osmosis is not required. The ROWPU 2K is highly suited for military use, rapid response and disaster management.

The ROWPU 2K is manufactured in South Africa and is in operation with the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and customised versions are in operation with the South African Airforce (SAAF).

The company has recently announced its ROWPU 2K is available in South Africa on a rental basis. This allows municipalities to provide rapidly deployable temporary water purification capacity.

To date, ELW Global has successfully delivered and commissioned water purification units into Cameroon, Senegal, Malawi, Somalia, Darfur (Sudan), Haiti, Botswana and Burkina Faso, Senegal and South Africa.
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