DSI offers sniper training with Braddick Mk X sniper rifles


Decisive Solutions International has the agency and distributorship for the Braddick Mk X Special Forces Sniper Rifle, a .338 Lapua Magnum sniping system.

Decisive Solutions International (DSI) is proud to announce it has the agency and distributorship for the latest in sniping technology, the Braddick Mk X Special Forces Sniper (SFS) Rifle, a .338 Lapua Magnum sniping system.

DSI has collective experience of over 75 years with the South African Special Forces (the Recces), including command experience at Brigade, Regiment and Sub-Unit level. The company specialises in advanced military training, consulting and product supply, with a focus on special operations, Special Forces and humanitarian aid programmes. 

DSI’s partnership with Braddick Defense allows DSI to implement a turnkey sniping solution with a product and system that was developed specifically for African mission augmentation, customisable and deployable to all theatres of conflict within the continent. The system is specifically constructed for Special Forces applications and activities. The rifle frame is constructed from hard anodized aircraft grade aluminium and titanium, then cerakoted in custom camouflage specified by the end-users.

The systems delivered by DSI cover the full “Special Forces snipers toolbox”, from accessories and equipment for the spotter (eg, the Airbus Defence Spotter 60, Kestrel Horus 4500 Ballistics Calculator, Steiner Range & Reticle Binoculars, etc) to general equipment and gear for the sniping team (eg, Webbing, bags, ghillie suits, etc) and whatever else may be required by the end-user for their snipers pertinent to their operational requirements.  

Bundeswehr sniper team in position.Development of the Braddick Mk X SFS .338 Rifle began in 2012, with design oversight by select ex-Special Forces operators. The rifle offers a very high level of accuracy, durability and is ergonomically customisable to all shooters. The Braddick system has been designed around the Truvelo barrel, bolt action and muzzle, and in the field, the weapon displays phenomenally reduced recoil compared to other systems. The Braddick Mk X SFS product range will also include a .50, being released in April of 2015 and a .308, being released in autumn of this year.

Decisive Solutions International will be marketing the Braddick Sniping systems as well as the implementation and adoption to military and law enforcement units in and around Africa. Having been vetted by DSI’s top sniping experts, the system is deemed to be “one of the finest sniping systems in Africa”.