defenceWeb launches new drone portal


The unmanned aerial vehicle portal will focus exclusively on military and commercial unmanned aviation, regulations and technology.

Africa’s leading aerospace and defence news publication is excited to be launching its new drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) portal, focusing exclusively on military and commercial unmanned aviation, regulations and technology.

The new section adds to defenceWeb’s military aerospace, civil aerospace and military helicopter portals. It covers local and international civil, military, commercial and hobby drone operations, technology developments and general news, as well as safety and regulatory issues.

defenceWeb will not only cover the military market, but the growing commercial and hobby markets; there is huge scope for these, as drones are used for everything from filming to agriculture, wildlife monitoring, security and pipeline inspection. They are even being used to de-ice wind turbine blades, and as flying taxis.

Other focus areas will be the hobby market, importers and manufacturers, drone conferences and events such as increasingly popular drone racing competitions.

Flight schools are another target area, since commercial drone pilots have to be registered in South Africa and officially trained before they can carry out commercial operations.

Local and international drone news will be included, with a focus on South Africa, which has many companies that manufacture drones, such as Denel Dynamics, Paramount Advanced Technologies, S-Plane, and Ultimate Unmanned, to name a few.

South Africa has, for many years, pioneered the use of drones and continues to do so. For instance, FlyH2 Aerospace is developing a hydrogen-powered drone for surveillance, agriculture, etc. Alti is making a ‘transformer’ drone that seamlessly moves from vertical to horizontal flight, and Desert Wolf makes a ground-breaking anti-riot drone fitted with stun grenades.

All these companies and more will be featured on our new drone portal, which will let you keep a finger on the pulse of unmanned aviation.