defenceWeb all at sea


defenceWeb spent yesterday at sea with the Chiefof the South African Navy, Vice Admiral Johannes Mudimu and other delegates as well as observers attending the 3rd Sea Power for Africa symposium. 

SAS Amatola (F145) closed up to repel asymetric attack while leaving harbour. The October 2000 suicide bombing of USS Cole at Aden shows that ports and their approaches are not necessarily safe. 

Asymetric attack! A Namacurra harbour patrol boat of the Maritime Reaction Squadron buzzes SAS Amatola.

SAS Isaac Dyobha (P1565), once a missile fast attack craft but now an offshore patrol vessel, keeping station with SAS Amatola. 

SAS Isandlwana (F146) astern of SAS Amatola.

Vice Admiral Johannes Mudimu and German guests enjoying a light moment.

Ship’s doctor, Captain (SAMHS) Alisha Rai sharing a laugh with a guest. 

defenceWeb editor LeonEngelbrecht goes tourist. 

SAS Queen Modjadji I surfaces.

Back to work! A 22 Squadron (AFB Ysterplaat) SuperLynx 300 approaches the SAS Amatola for landing and take-off drills. 

SuperLynx flight crew on the flight deck of SAS Amatola, with deck crew securing the railings. SAS Isandlwana astern starboard. 

SuperLynx 300 number 192 tied down aboard SAS Amatola.

Rotorcraft 192 prepares for departure.

The SuperLynx 300 prepares to land aboard SAS Isandlwana. 

Heading home. A harbour pilot comes aboard.