Cybicom delivers submarine escape system to large Asian navy


SA defence system integrator Cybicom Atlas Defence has completed work for a large Asian navy on a system that allows submarine crews to safely escape in an emergency.

Cybicom said it had completed the last of three escape trunk signalling systems on this Asian navy’s Type 209 submarines. The company said it could not give the name of the navy. South Africa has three Type 209 submarines, but Cybicom did not do the work on this system for the SA Navy.

Cybicom Atlas Defence is 60 percent owned by SA registered Cybicom Africa technologies and 40 percent by German Atlas Elektonik. The South African company has focused on naval systems and simulators.

David Viljoen, MD of Cybicom Atlas Defence, said that after two years work on the third Signal Device and Lighting Escape Trunk systems, all acceptance tests had now been passed.

The signal and lighting system is critical in allowing a crew to make a safe escape from a submerged submarine. The control units for the signalling lights must be housed in units able to withstand high underwater pressure.