Cubic to support OAS in port security assessments

Cubic Corporation has been awarded a new contract from the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism (CICTE) of the Organisation of American States (OAS) to conduct seaport security assessments and maritime security training in the Caribbean island nations of Trinidad & Tobago, and Saint Vincent & The Grenadines.
Cubic will focus on increasing awareness among local law enforcement and port personnel of maritime security threats, and maintaining compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), the US Maritime Security Act (MSA) and the US Container Security Initiative (CSI), a company statement says.
This effort will strengthen the capabilities of port authorities, law enforcement and customs personnel in counterterrorism and crisis management to provide a safe environment for passengers and crews, and ensure the unimpeded flow of maritime commerce through these nations’ ports.
Relationships established among regional officials during Cubic-led training sessions will serve to reinforce cooperation among OAS Member States.

Cubic’s Maritime Security Directorate, based in Tampa, Florida, part of the Information Operations Division, will perform the work.

The Maritime Security Directorate offers the full spectrum of maritime security services to the worldwide market, including executive-level governmental and industry consultancy, technological applications and support, and security training at all levels.
Cubic’s team members have extensive experience in maritime security, gained during prior experience as port officials, law enforcement officers and as members of US government agencies and military services focused on functions related to maritime security.
“This is a strategic win for Cubic,” stated Al Sargeant, vice president and general manager of the Information Operations Division.
“We understand that developing a truly effective maritime security program requires the full support of all maritime industry stakeholders. Cubic looks forward to being an active partner in the combined efforts of the OAS Member States and the CICTE Secretariat to enhance the overall maritime security environment in the Americas.
“We are committed to do our part to enhance both the safety of passengers and the efficient throughput of cargo, which we recognize as essential to the economic well-being of OAS member states.”
Cabinet last year authorised the South African Revenue Service to join the CSI.