CTD Funding for Cutting Edge Mine Countermeasures


The Australian Department of Defence has selected Thales Australia‘s innovative Infrasonic Advanced Acoustic Generator (IAAG) for development under the Capability and Technology Demonstrator program.

The IAAG is at the cutting edge of mine countermeasures technology. Originally developed by Thales in conjunction with an SME, Adelaide-based Resonance Technology, and with assistance from DSTO, it meets a global need for sophisticated minesweeping products.

Six IAAGs have already been supplied to the United States Navy, fulfilling a requirement for an acoustic generator able to produce underwater sound at high sound pressure levels and at low frequencies similar to those produced by large ships.
“The new CTD will enable Thales and our partners to explore the adaptation of the technology for Royal Australian Navy requirements,” said Chris Lloyd, Thales Australia‘s Naval Division Vice President. “We are looking forward to developing the technology in order to provide enhanced capability to the Navy.”

Thales’s CTD proposal addresses an existing capability gap for a high power, low frequency underwater acoustic generator able to sweep for mines targeting the acoustic signature of large naval ships like tankers and LHDs, as well as large high-value merchant vessels.

This is particularly important at a time when some modern mines have the ability to differentiate between existing mine countermeasures and real ships. With its unique attributes, the IAAG adds to the RAN’s capability to sweep modern mines targeted against large ships.

Under the CTD, the Department of Defence will purchase one IAAG in order to evaluate its capability to meet the RAN’s operational needs. The project will also develop rigging, deployment, recovery and handling procedures to meet RAN requirements.