Chief of Naval Staff to retire

The Chief of Naval Staff of the South African Navy, Rear Admiral Mosoeu Magalefa, is retiring at the end of April.
Magalefa has held the post for the last four years and is retiring because he has reached the mandatory retirement age of 60 years.
The admiral bade farewell to Simon’s Town at the opening ceremony of the Navy Festival on Saturday at which he was the senior officer on parade.
In an interview with defenceWeb after the parade, Magalefa mentioned that the position of Chief of Naval Staff was not a very easy one, requiring leadership and making difficult decisions.
However, he said, “I found the position quite challenging, but very rewarding and interesting”.
“I, as an individual, have not achieved much single-handily, as individuals play an important role in decision making and direction. It is the team that makes it happen. I have been keeping the team focused on the objective”.
Magalefa is a proud “Transvaaler” and will stay in the “Transvaal” of his birth after he retires. He will, however, remain on the Reserves.