Captain of grounded nuclear sub loses command


The captain of a new British nuclear-powered submarine which ran aground off the coast of northwest Scotland last month has been relieved of his command, the Ministry of Defence said.

HMS Astute, the first of a new class of nuclear-powered submarines that was undergoing sea trials, became snagged on rocks off the Isle of Skye on October 22 in an embarrassing incident for the Royal Navy.

The navy had to wait for hours for high tide before tugs could tow the advanced submarine to deeper water, Reuters reports.

A defence ministry spokeswoman said Commander Andrew Coles had been removed from his command of the submarine on Friday.
“Commander Coles will continue to serve in the Royal Navy and he will be reappointed to a post where his talents and experience can be used to best effect. A new commanding officer will be appointed as soon as possible,” the spokeswoman said.

The submarine, commissioned into the navy in August, is nuclear-powered but does not carry nuclear weapons. Damage suffered by the submarine has now been repaired, the spokeswoman added.