Cameroon Navy’s floating dock in action


The Cameroon Navy is using its new floating dock to maintain its vessels, after acquiring the dock from China to improve naval platform serviceability.

Cameroon’s Navy on 4 May said the floating dock was being used by Cameroonian personnel to repair a patrol boat after the transfer of technology from China. The floating dock was completed in 2018. It left China in May that year and arrived in Kribi, Cameroon, on 13 July 2018.

The dock is 64 metres long and 21 metres wide and requires water ten metres deep to accommodate ships with a displacement of up to 700 tons.

Cameroon’s Navy published photos this week showing a Swiftships 12 metre patrol boat (PR 001) undergoing maintenance in the “second operation of its kind.”

“This type of operation will continue for all fleet ships,” the Navy said.

Cameroon received 30 Swiftships patrol boats from the United States in the 1980s.

Cameroon has strengthened its navy in recent times with additional vessels. Over the last decade this includes two P-108 patrol craft delivered from China’s Poly Technologies in 2014, a second hand OPV-54 patrol craft from France in 2014, a 23 metre Aresa 2300 landing craft and two 24 metre Aresa 2400 CPV Defender patrol boats in 2013. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, two Aresa-3200 patrol craft were delivered in 2014.

The second hand patrol boat CNS Dipikar (ex-Grebe) was delivered in March 2017 from France and earlier this year it emerged that Cameroon plans to acquire two American-made 110-foot type patrol boats to bolster the country’s ability to effectively secure its maritime space.