Another bursary for TS Woltemade Sea Cadet


For the second year running the S.A.T.S. General Botha Old Boy’s Association, under the chairmanship of Capt Tony Nicholas, have awarded a Lawhill bursary to a TS Woltemade Sea Cadet to further their maritime studies at Lawhill Maritime Centre in Simon’s Town.

The S.A.T.S General Botha was a decommissioned British Cruiser which was purchased by Capt TB Davis, a Master Mariner, entrepreneur, yachtsman and philanthropist as a training platform for the Cape Town Naval Cadet Corps in 1920. It was sailed to Simon’s Town by Naval Cadets under the guidance of experienced officers.

TS Woltemade is one of several Sea Cadet units throughout South Africa that provides nautical and maritime training to youth between 13 and 18 years of age. These units are staffed by qualified volunteer adult instructors drawn from the SA Navy, maritime occupations, ex Sea Cadets and parents.

This bursary was awarded to Able Seaman Jody Terri Muleshi who is an active member of the TS Woltemade ship’s company living in Table View where she is at high school. On Saturdays she attends TS Woltemade activities where she has grown to enjoy the maritime and nautical opportunities offered.

Initially Muleshi researched career options and wanted to become a urologist. As her high school and sea cadet activities provided more insight and opportunities she changed and focussed her mind on seamanship, sailing and boating opportunities at TS Woltemade. This convinced her that she wanted to be a ship’s Captain.