Algeria receives final Chinese corvette


The Algerian Navy has received the third and final C28A corvette ordered from China in March 2012.

The third vessel was officially delivered to Algeria on 12 July, according to the People’s Daily Online. The first two were launched in August 2014 and February 2015, although actual deliveries took place much later.

People’s Daily Online said that the corvettes have set several news records in tonnage, fire and combat capability for exported Chinese military ships, reflecting the maturation of China’s shipbuilding industry. “From all appearances, the successful construction of this latest frigate is only the beginning of China’s expanded influence in military ship trade around the world.”

Algeria’s vessels were built by China’s Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation. The first vessel (Adhafer, 920) arrived in Algeria in November last year and the second was commissioned on 10 March this year.

The corvettes are armed with a 76 mm main gun, FM-90N launcher for HQ-7 surface-to-air missiles and YJ-82/C-802 anti-ship missiles. Once in Algeria the vessels were to be fitted with Thales Smart-S Mk 2 radar and command, control, and communication systems. When the second vessel (921) was launched in February last year, it was fitted with two Type 730 series close-in weapon system (CIWS) turrets.

The C28A corvettes are around 120 metres long, 14.4 metres wide and have a draft of 3.87 metres. They displace about 2 880 tons fully loaded, and are powered by MTU diesel engines. They feature some stealth in their design, including the placement of the exhausts towards their waterline to reduce infrared signature.

The corvettes may be equipped with Super Lynx helicopters.

Algeria recently took received its first of two Meko A200 frigates from Germany. Erradii (910) arrived in Algiers on 19 April and was commissioned into service. The second frigate (hull number 911, believed to be named Harrad) was launched in December 2015 and will be delivered in 2017. The two vessels, with options for two more, were ordered in March 2012.

Another impending delivery is a new mine countermeasures vessel (MCMV), which was launched by Italian shipyard Intermarine on 5 April. The vessel (501) is named El-Kasseh 1. Algeria has options on a second vessel.

Two Tigr corvettes are scheduled for delivery from Russia in 2017, while two Project-636E/Kilo submarines will be delivered to the Algerian Navy in 2018.