Algeria orders Project 22160 patrol vessels from Russia


Algeria has agreed to acquire one new Project 22160 patrol vessel from Russia and build another three locally.

The agreement was signed on 14 May and makes provision for the first vessel to be delivered by September this year. It will be supplied by the Gorky Zelenodolsk Shipyard, according to Shepherd Media. The contract is worth $180 million.

Russian defence minister Sergey Shoigu said one of the reasons for Algeria acquiring the Project 22160 was its performance off the Syrian coast.

The 94 metre long Project 22160 vessels displace 1 300 tons and have a range of 6 000 miles at 30 knots with an endurance of 60 days. Crew is some 80 sailors.

Sensors include the Pozitiv-ME1 3D search radar, Pal-N navigation radar and Pallada and Vinyetka-EM sonars and weapons Kalibr-NK cruise missiles as well as a 76.2 mm K-176MA gun or 57 mm AK-220M gun. Apparently, the Algerian version will be armed with Klub-K missiles and Igla surface-to-air missiles. Two rigid-hulled inflatable boats can be carried on each side of the vessel and a helicopter hangar can accommodate a medium sized rotorcraft.

Missions include maritime patrol, exclusive economic zone protection, anti-piracy, counter-terrorism, search and rescue, environmental monitoring and special operations support amongst others.

Six Project 22160 vessels are under construction for Russia’s Black Sea fleet. The first vessel was laid down in February 2014 and was launched in August 2017 – it is undergoing sea trials and these included firing Kalibr-NK missiles at targets in Syria from the Caspian Sea.

Algeria is receiving two new Project 636 Kilo class submarines from Russia, with the first about to be delivered and the second nearing sea trials. Algeria has apparently also ordered two additional Kilo 877EKM vessels, for delivery in 2020-2022.