Alaris’ new ESS equipment up and running


Alaris Antennas has acquired and installed specialised environmental stress screening equipment, which allows the company to conduct environmental tests in-house.

Alaris Antennas has recently acquired and installed specialised ESS equipment, which will allow the company to conduct a number of various environmental tests in-house.

The new equipment was designed, manufactured and installed by a South African company and consists of a walk-in temperature/humidity chamber and two vibration tables.

Environmental stress screening, or ESS, is a method used to identify possible product failures that are likely to occur in the actual service of the equipment. It was developed to assist electronic manufacturers to detect product defects during the design and production stages.

This specialised equipment is widely used in various applications and can form part of the manufacturing process or it can be used in new product qualification testing.

ESS involves the testing of the impact of extreme temperature cycling (the products are exposed to a number of fast temperature changes which can range from -30 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius), vibration testing, shock and humidity variations.

Alaris believes this implementation will advance customer service, since any defects uncovered during the ESS process will lead to improvements in the manufacturing process. In addition, it will guarantee better operational reliability and performance of the Alaris products.

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