Airbus Defence and Space presents Orlik MPT


Equipped with a glass cockpit, the Orlik multi-purpose trainer is a modernised version of the PZL-130 Orlik TC II Garmin.

Airbus Defence and Space has publicly presented the PZL-130 Orlik MPT (multi-purpose trainer) aircraft on the ground and in the air for the first time.

Equipped with a glass cockpit, the Orlik MPT is a modernised version of the PZL-130 Orlik TC II Garmin, already in service with the Polish Air Force.

The presentation of the aircraft was held in Deblin, Poland, at the 4 Military Training Airbase, before a senior audience of the Polish administration and armed forces.

The Orlik MPT made its successful maiden flight in May this year, following two months of ground tests of all the aircraft’s systems.

This included the full integration of the new Integrated Avionics System (ZSA) of the glass cockpit type with other systems used in aircraft, such as: backup avionics, fuselage computer management system, as well as antennas and the electrical system.

During 30 hours of flight so far, the basic aircraft’s system operations have been confirmed: engine, hydraulics system, air conditioning, brakes, flaps control as well as control of the basic and emergency landing gear systems. The new cockpit configuration has been tested, as well as the control stick and power lever.

Other testing included the radio (COM1, COM2), navigation (TACAN/DME, VOR/ILS/MKR) and flight instruments (AHRS, ISFD), as well as the Integrated Avionics System system in basic and advanced pilot-navigation functions. As a result, the Orlik MPT has received permanent approval for flights in special category.

During the second phase of trials, detailed tests will be carried out, including: Integrated Avionics System functions, automatic rudder trim system, effectiveness of the icing system, and the non-slip chassis system.

The attached photo shows the aircraft landing at the end of its maiden flight.


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