World Cup, border patrol won’t affect peacekeeping: Sisulu


Defence and Military Veterans minister Lindiwe Sisulu says the return of the South African National Defence Force to the country’s borders as well as its support for next month’s soccer World Cup will not reduce SA’s commitment to peacekeeping.

“Providing assistance to [the police] in securing [the] 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament will not affect the number of person days allocated to international operations,” Sisulu said in a written answer to a Parliamentary question asked by Congress of the People MP LJ Tolo.
“As such the SANDF will continue to deploy some 2000 personnel to the UN Missions in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Sudan during this financial year. It will also continue with its training assistance operations in the DRC and CAR (Central African Republic). As per its Short Term Force Employment Plan the SANDF will also maintain forces in reserve as its pledge to the SADC Standby Force for unforeseen eventualities.
“Internally the SANDF will deploy some 7150 personnel in support of the SAPS (police) in securing the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament over the period May 31 to July 16. In addition to this deployment the SANDF will commence its return to borderline protection duties,” Sisulu said in her answer.


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