Women military veterans now have their own association


South Africa’s female military veterans have organised an association to pursue and promote, among others, economic empowerment.

Sally Dlamini of the MK Military Veterans Association) was elected national chair of the fledgling Women Military Veterans Association of SA (WOMVASA) with Kutie Thondlana of Apla Military Veterans Association the first deputy and Joy Frankenburg of the Council of Military Veterans Organisations second deputy.

The Association major initial objective is setting up a suitable constitution for WOMVASA and its expanded leadership structure has undertaken to report back within six months on progress in this regard.

A resolution taken at its inaugural gathering will see WOMVASA “engage the Ministry of Defence and Military Veterans, other government departments, state entities and all stakeholders to provide socio-economic support to women military veterans”.

The Association has also pledged itself to work towards accelerating delivering of benefits as set out in the Military Veterans Act and will develop a short to medium and long term programme to ensure what it calls “the realisation of social and economic rights of women military veterans in society”.

More than a hundred women veterans were present at the founding meeting in North West.