Wanted: volunteers to fight coronavirus


The national defence force has taken to social media in a search for volunteers, including Reserve Force members, to boost numbers in the ongoing battle against the spread of coronavirus.

A statement on Sunday (19 April) via the various social media accounts operated by the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) called for volunteers across a number of disciplines. This includes the “scarce skills” one utilised when former Eskom and Transnet chief executive Brian Molefe was called up in 2017 to assist the Department of Defence (DoD) on asset management, financial structure and architecture domains.

The Sunday social media statement has it that the SANDF “is now calling on all South Africans to contribute to this fight (against coronavirus) as volunteers”. It lists six scarce skills urgently wanted.

They are healthcare practitioners, especially nurses and doctors; qualified chefs; qualified mechanics; qualified engineers, technical and mechanical; combat or aviation experience (no further information is provided) and qualified seamstresses. While not confirmed, defenceWeb believes seamstresses are needed to work on producing protective masks.

In the same post, the SANDF appeals to the Reserve Force where soldiers with “identified scarce skills” are asked to contact their nearest Reserve Force office so these can be utilised “serving the nation”.

Civilians wanting to volunteer should contact either Ms KB Muregu on 012 3395023 or 0828849763 or Ms ZE Masondo on 012 3395426 or 084 466 8992. In addition to full name and identity number, prospective volunteers should indicate where they are resident and supply details of “qualification/scarce skill” to ensure they are best utilised.