URTP heading to KZN in 2014


The Reserve Force has targeted KwaZulu-Natal for its next round of University Reserve Training programme (URTP) recruitment.

In its first two years the South African National Defence Force URTP recruitment teams have visited tertiary education institutions in Western Cape, North West and Gauteng and have been rewarded, in one instance with 43 students from the University of North West’s Potchefstroom campus making the grade.

A URTP recruitment campaign in Gauteng and North West earlier this year drew no less than 925 applications from under graduates and graduates.

An apt example of the type of person sought for the programme is Carl Smit, a B.Com honours student in Potchefstroom. While doing the first part of basic military training (BMT) he was informed he had been selected by the SA Institute of Chartered Accountants as one of only 30 students to be part of a national leadership summit.

This in is line with the URTP Charter which states: “The programme is focussed on developing the leadership potential of young people. This will play a major role in not only developing individual management skills but also in establishing self-awareness, self-discipline and self-confidence”.

Brigadier General Debbie Molefe, Director: Defence Reserves, gave an indication of the importance or URTP to a SA National Defence Force that is increasingly becoming a high technology military. She told the group doing BMT in Potchefstroom their training will influence the defence force for the next 45 years.
“You, as graduates and under graduates, will enhance the professional, intellectual and leadership qualities of the Reserves.”

The URTP charter makes it clear the military skills those who are successfully recruit acquire will stand them in good stead in their civilian careers.
“In the military environment teamwork is essential and students will develop a sense of responsibility and respect towards fellow members in the group. This will not only develop their social interaction capabilities, but will also facilitate their induction into new career environments.”

Recruitment will take place during March next year at the universities of KwaZulu-Natal and Zululand and the Durban University of Technology with selection following in June. Students interested can direct enquiries to [email protected].