Unabridged statement: Ministry of Defence on SANDU


“Irresponsible and opportunistic lies being spread by SANDU demonstrates why we need to urgently remove Unions from the SANDF, SANDU is the greatest danger to national Security” Minister Sisulu.


The Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Lindiwe Sisulu is shocked by the extent in which SANDU has gone to spread lies to score small points on a matter they were never involved in.

In her budget speech on May 21, 2010, the Minister announced that on top of the salary adjustment implemented on December 1. 2009, the Minister and the leadership of the SANDF have decided to reward soldiers by back dating the adjustment to July 1, 2009. These will allow the soldiers to get a backpay of five months.

The Minister also announced that the backpay will be implemented in phases in the coming months due to cash flow and availability of funds. The backpay was never going to be paid on a once off payment as SANDU would like South Africans to believe. But in phases, this has been communicated to the soldiers through necessary channels.

SANDU remains a danger to national security as their way of operation is to spread lies and irresponsible statement through the media. SANDU knows the truth but chose to lie in order to gain media attention and remain relevant to their members in order to collect monthly deductions. The Union is also feeling irrelevant as the Minister has announced adjustments and detailed steps to improve the conditions of service without them being involved. Ordinary soldiers are beginning to see SANDU for what they are, a Union that spread lies to remain relevant and receive monthly membership fee from poor soldiers for nothing.

For the record, the SANDF will start implementing the backpay from this month in phases until all the money have been paid to all soldiers. Our soldiers deployed in the borders and for the FIFA soccer world cup will receive the agreed deployment amount.

Since her appointment the Minister has taken many steps to improve the conditions of service of soldiers, from returning soldiers back to the borders, introducing a new dispensation that facilitated the huge salary adjustments, new complains procedure to speed up resolving problems and improving all service conditions.

SANDU was not involved in all of this, and they are beginning to find themselves useless and irrelevant, and they are resorting to lies and irresponsible statements to justify the thousands of Rands they receive from soldiers. Their members are questioning their relevance and they chose to spread lies to remain relevant without any consideration for national image and security.

The Minister called on all soldiers to remain vigilant and be careful of being used by irresponsible reactionaries like SANDU who want to collect money from them at all costs.

Issued by

Ndivhuwo Mabaya

Head of Media Services (Ministry Spokesperson)

Cell: 083 645 7838

Email:[email protected]

Date: May 21, 2010