Three nation CJAX headquartered at SA War College


This week saw three southern African nations working together to plan and command a peace support operation (PSO) from three different locations.

The classroom-based exercise was headquartered at the SA National War College in Pretoria with participants from Botswana and Zambia based in military colleges in their respective countries. More realism was added to the CJAX (Combined Joint African Exercise) with the exchange of instructors and learners.

CJAX is designed to equip senior military personnel attending the Joint Senior Command and Staff programme at the college with both the knowledge and capability to either plan or command a PSO in a multi-national environment, a War College spokesman said.
“This week’s CJAX has seen roleplaying of the AU integrated mission planning team to write a mission plan for the speedy deployment of a mission on the continent using an AU planning tool,” he said.