SPCA inspectors reportedly given the “run around” by SAASIC


The latest round to be verbally fired in the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) vs SA National Defence Force (SANDF) equine abuse allegations saga has the animal anti-cruelty body claiming tardy treatment including being given the “run around”.

In the crosshairs is the SA Army Specialist Infantry Capability (SAASIC) based at Potchefstroom and the apparent abuse and maltreatment of over more than 100 horses going back to 2018.

It appears the NSPCA is working through AfriForum’s private prosecution unit with letters dispatched from the Centurion civil society organisation to the SA Police Service (SAPS) Commissioner in North West and two colonels.  The letters have in common that the NSPCA has been trying to take the matter to court since 2918 and is “willing to assist detectives if required”. No acknowledgement or response has yet been received.

“The NSPCA’s complaint refers mainly to the inept and unprofessional work ethic of SAPS Potchefstroom detectives assigned to this case, who blatantly refused to work with the NSPCA to bring animal abusers to book,” according to a statement.

“In May 2018, the first case was opened after the NSPCA was forced to remove 76 horses from the SAASIC. An additional 25 horses required emergency euthanasia on the SAASIC premises because of severely compromised states of health.

“In 2019, during an inspection, NSPCA inspectors witnessed SANDF members brutally kicking and beating horses which resulted in the NSPCA removing those horses as well. This saw a second case opened by the NSPCA in February 2019.

“It appears to the NSPCA as though the accused in this case (SANDF members) are imposing their will on senior SAPS detectives placing this case in jeopardy.

“The NSPCA investigated, compiled and submitted case dockets to the SAPS. The dockets contained sufficient evidence against the accused,” the statement reads adding: “Detectives simply had to collect additional information required by the prosecutor to complete the docket”.

“It appears to (the SPCA) Council detectives for this case failed to do so after four years.”

There was, at the time of publishing, no public statement from the SANDF Directorate: Corporate Communication (DCC) regarding the latest developments in the apparent SAASIC equine abuse.