South African gunners remembered


The Cape Town Company Gardens echoed with the sound of four 25 pounder guns on Sunday 11 March 2018 in remembrance of all fallen South African Gunners. Cape Garrison Artillery (GCA) provided a smartly turned out guard of honour and sentries, Cape Field Artillery (CFA) provided the 25 pounders and gunners whilst the South African Army band ensured that there was musical accompaniment.

Honorary Gunner and Deputy Mayor Ian Nielsen paid tribute to those South African Gunners who had fallen, especially those who had passed away in the last year. Padre Gunner Tony Bethke led the religious service.

The parade was also attended by World War II veteran Signals Sgt Syd Ireland, the only active WW2 veteran active in the Cape Town area. Syd saw service in East and North Africa as a wireless operator and witnessed the battle of El Alemain. He, together with Major Charles Holloway (recently deceased) and Signaller Eddie Mills, formed in 1946 as Association which met annually and lasted 70 years. Thereafter this tradition was passed on to 71 Signals Unit in Cape Town.

Three young Sea Cadets from TS Woltemade attended the parade to represent the youth and assisted in laying a wreath on behalf of the Unitie Association. All three are Leading Seamen on a Petty Officers promotion course who were being exposed to their civic duties. Their presence and active participation brought forth many favourable comments, especially from former Sea Cadets who had attended the same unit.

Besides the four 25 pounder (G1) guns, a 35mm twin barrelled anti-aircraft gun was on display to the guests and public.

Photo by Reggie Lord.