South African Army Rooikat causes highway chaos


A South African Army Rooikat armoured vehicle broke down on the N3 South highway near the Gilooly’s interchange today, causing traffic to back up.

The vehicle caused three lanes of traffic to be closed off, choking up southbound traffic while a police operation apparently backed up northward bound traffic.

The Rooikat is 7 metres long, 2.9 metres wide and weighs 28 tons. It is armed with a 76 or 105 mm cannon.

A South African Army vehicle made highway headlines last year when a car crashed into the back of a Ratel armoured vehicle that was driving on the N1 highway in Johannesburg.

One person died and another was injured when their car crashed into the back of the Ratel on 19 July 2015. The accident happened early on Sunday morning. The vehicle was part of a convoy of military vehicles from 43 South African Brigade heading to the South African Army Combat Training Centre, in the Northern Cape, the South African National Defenc Force said.