Soldiers still patrolling gang-ridden Cape Flats


SA National Defence Force (SANDF) soldiers assisted police with high-density foot and vehicle patrols in four high gang violence areas of the Cape Flats last weekend.

Lavender Hill, Hillview, Village Heights and Overcome Heights are all considered hotspots areas for COVID-19 as well as ongoing gang violence and other gang activities.

According to SANDF social media, residents were “thrilled” to see soldiers and police patrolling as they fear for their lives because of gang violence. One said: “I am happy and pleased to see the SANDF in my area, there is calm among community members. We can walk to shops without fear”. He added as soon as soldiers leave “the gangs start shooting again”.

Police arrested two suspects for attempted murder and armed robbery in Lavender Hill. At a bus stop, the soldiers found seven empty cartridges, SANDF social media reported.