Slow progress on Reserve Force insignia and regimental colours change


Two Reserve Force units are expected to complete new unit insignia, badge, flag and regimental colours changes in line with a renaming process to remove colonial and other seemingly offensive names and symbols from the part-time component of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) by financial year-end.

The name change goes back to when current Military Ombud Vusi Masondo was SA Army Chief as a lieutenant general. It was approved and headed by then Chief Army Reserves Brigadier General Gerhard Kamffer. He researched new and suitable regiment/unit names which, among others, saw the Transvaal Scottish Regiment become Solomon Mahlangu Regiment and the Cape Town Highlanders replaced by the Gonnema Regiment.

A defenceWeb enquiry to the SANDF Directorate: Corporate Communication (DCC), brought to light the three years set down for name and insignia changes for the 52 renamed Army Reserve regiments/units has to date seen two complete the necessary work.

DCC’s Brigadier General Andries Mahapa said in response to this publication’s enquiry Gauteng and Western Cape Reserve Signal units “have completed the process”. The units are expected to have “new emblems, unit flags and regimental colours before 31 March 2022”.

On the heraldry front two Reserve Force units in the SA Army Engineer Formation have had new heraldry approved with work underway to procure new emblems, unit flags and other identifiers, including shoulder flashes.

The units are the Ihawu and Umkhonto field engineer regiments.