Simulation training under the spotlight


South African, African and international military training practitioners will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest in training technologies come September at the Training and Simulation for Homeland Security Conference.

Arranged by AMD (the South African Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Industries Association), the two day event at the SA National Defence Force’s (SANDF) Centre for Conflict Simulation in Thaba Tshwane will give an insight into just how far information and communication technologies have come when it comes to cost effective and realistic training. This has been made possible by technology improvements with cutting edge military simulations providing near realism and immersion at the fraction of the cost of live exercises.

AMD is confident the conference will give an insight into new training and simulation technologies as well as live training from leaders in the defence, military and high-tech sectors.
“The focus will be squarely on training – the challenges, developments and changing needs – with simulation as the key enabler,” said organiser James Erlank.

Top of the speakers’ list is Major General Barney Hlatswayo, SANDF Joint Operations chief director, with simulation experts from the SANDF, Armscor, Saab Grintek and the Malaysian Army War Game Centre also due to present papers.

Erlank said confirmation of other high level speakers would be forthcoming and he was anticipating in the region of 100 attending the September 25 to 27 event in the country’s military capital.